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Gottlieb System 1 Power Supply Board


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Brand new and top quality Gottlieb System 1 power supply board.

Assuming your original power supply board and harnesses in the backbox are original and have not been hacked or changed, the board is 100% plug and play with no modifications required.

It features high efficiency +5V section reduces heat dissipation, and all new (not 20+ year old) components and PCB.  This item comes with a 1 year warranty!

It will work on the following Gottlieb System 1 machines:

Asteroid Annie, Buck Rogers, Charlie's Angels, Cleopatra, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Count Down, Dragon, Genie, Hulk, Joker Poker, Pinball Pool, Roller Disco, Sinbad, Solar Ride, Torch and Totem.